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ABA Therapy – Changing Lives in Upper Marlboro

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Meet Erica Kinnebrew

Helping children to achieve their best potential is what Erica loves most. For close to twenty years, she has worked alongside parents to help children successfully overcome learning and behavior obstacles. As a Board Certified Behavioral Analyst, she practices ABA therapy and early intervention techniques. She believes that with the help of Turning Point’s program and a healthy dose of care and respect, children can achieve more than they could ever dream.

What You Can Expect

We help children achieve milestones that may otherwise seem distant. Through our ABA Targeted Therapy and Early Intervention techniques, your child will blossom. Our experienced behavior analysts interact with your child in a creative, joyful, caring, and respectful way.

You Can Trust Us

Our team of thirteen Board Certified Behavioral Analysts ready to work with your child in a fun, creative, and comfortable environment.

Find Our Location Near You

Our Upper Marlboro location is just a short drive from Alexandria and Washington DC and is near most major residential areas. Parents find often that our location is convenient for both drop-offs and pick ups. Learn more about Upper Marlboro here.

Our Mission

At Turning Point Education Services, we have purposefully created environments to provide chances for children to learn and grow. Our ABA therapy and early intervention strategies include hands-on play, creativity, and what kids like most – fun! Our goal is to provide the best behavior analytic services to you and your family in a joyful, respectful, and caring environment. We love what we do.

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ABA Therapy Can Help With:

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Repetitive Behaviors

From rocking and swaying to hitting and spitting



Practical skills like grooming and bathroom habits can lead to the ultimate goal of independence

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Conversational skills and learning to request the things they need

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Accepting new foods and different textures will help ensure a healthy diet

No matter what developmental skill your child needs, we want what you want – to help your child fulfill his or her highest potential.

ABA Therapy is a proven technique and works best the earlier it is applied. Our early intensive programs for children up to age 8 is a five-day program that combines a structured program with fun-filled play that reinforces key components of ABA Therapy. Success is achieved in programs ranging from 20 to 40 hours a week.

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Yes, An Autism Therapy Center Near You

We’ve created the perfect, safe and inviting facility in Upper Marlboro to foster Autism Therapy success. Plus with the number of successful relationships we have with families throughout Maryland, you can be confident our programs are rigorously tested and perfected.

This is an important decision. If you would like more information or would like to schedule a tour and meet our Board Certified Behavior Analysts complete this short form for a fast response. If you have already decided to find your child’s full potential, get started with this longer form which gives us the information we need to get started.

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