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Autism Therapy in Gulf Breeze, FL

Situated between Panama City and Pensacola, our Gulf Breeze location makes accessing certified autism therapy from nearly everywhere in the Panhandle easy. Our Gulf Breeze location is one of the few successful centers in the Panhandle to offer applied behavior analysis therapy focused on hands-on play and proven, caring instruction to improve over-all function. Being responsible for an autistic child can be difficult, but we have helped families build closer relationships with their autistic children and paved the way to a productive future through our Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) plans, combined with their loving support.

Gulf Breeze, FL Early Autism Intervention

Raising an autistic child brings joy and immense rewards, but the road along the way can be frustrating and challenging. Research shows that early autism intervention may be one of the most effective things parents can do. There is help. Aggressive behaviors, self-stimulating behaviors and even self-injuring behaviors are effectively treated through early autism intervention. Come visit us at our Gulf Breeze location or call us to have any questions answered by our trained certified staff.

Parent Consultation and Training Just Minutes Away

Bridging the understanding between a parent and autistic child unlocks joy and relieves stress and tension. Our autism parent training helps parents understand how autistic children process the world around them. For many families this unique service is the turning point in stronger communication and managed expectations. Located on Gulf Breeze Parkway just before the Wendy’s, our parent consultation and training is easy to get to from many metro areas in the Panhandle. Our center is just minutes away from Oriole Elementary School. Yes, you can be the parent your autistic child needs you to be. Enroll in our parent training today.

Have You Asked, “Is There ABA Therapy Near Me?”

Our programs are five days per week, so our location was carefully picked to be accessible from Pensacola through Navarre. We create individualized, customized ABA therapy plans for each child. With ABA therapy, picky eaters can become more accepting and children can learn to embrace and interact with the world around them. ABA therapy can truly be life-changing for both parents and child. Take advantage of this very special facility near you.


How can we help you?

Our autism therapy and ABA therapy center in Gulf Breeze can help you with:

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Social Skills

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Language and Communication

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