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At Turning Point Autism Centers, LLC, we're happy to be part of your village. Feel free to browse our blog or use the search bar to find specific resources, tips and tricks and important research. Looking for specific resources? Use the Contact Us page and let us know - we might feature your answer right here!

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How Does an ABA Therapist Assist in Autism Treatment?

By goteamchoice | Sep 24, 2020

ABA therapists provide and oversee behavior analysis services and treatments. These specialists create and execute custom treatment plans for children with autism. At Turning Point, our commitment is to the specific needs of your child. We want to set them up for a happy, successful life. What Is ABA Therapy? Applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy…

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What Are Remote ABA Services and How Can They Benefit You?

By goteamchoice | Aug 12, 2020

Remote ABA services are an effective way for your child to receive quality autism therapy without leaving the comfort of your home. Through the use of a HIPPAA-compliant web-based platform, our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) at Turning Point expertly deliver the individualized autism therapy your child needs from miles away. How Do Remote ABA…

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How to Use a Token Economy at Home

By Cassy Davis | May 6, 2018

A token economy is a behavior change system in which children earn “tokens” for engaging in a specific list of target behaviors. The tokens can then be traded in for preferred reinforcers, such as your child’s favorite activity, item, or edible. According to John O. Cooper, “Effectiveness depends to a large extent on the effectiveness…

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Once Upon a Social Story

By Cassy Davis | May 6, 2018

Many children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder often have deficits related to critical social communication skills. Critical social communication skills include joint attention, social reciprocity, social cognition, language and related cognitive skills, as well as behavior and emotional regulation.   According to American Speech-Language-Hearing Association: Deficits related to joint attention include: -Impaired monitoring of social…

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How to Increase Language using Functional Communication Training

By Martine Flake | May 6, 2018

What is Functional Communication Training? Functional Communication Training is essentially what it sounds like, it teaches individuals how to communicate functionally (using language) to access desired items or activities. Generally speaking, children with autism will use inappropriate behaviors (verbal or physical aggression, crying, etc.) in lieu of appropriate language because they do not know how…

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Contingency Contract

By Cassy Davis | May 6, 2018

Recently I wrote an article, “How to Use a Token Economy at Home.” A token economy is a behavior management strategy used to increase target behavior and decrease unwanted behaviors. Typically, at the clinic we use token boards with our younger children. One behavior management strategy used to increase target behavior and decrease unwanted behaviors…

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Teaching “Non-verbal” Children Communication Skills

By Cassy Davis | May 6, 2018

Many children who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder have deficits related to language and functional communication. Children with autism often have difficulty using expressive language to tell others their wants and needs. When they are unable to express what they want or need it can lead to the child becoming frustrated or engaging…

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Remember: Just because you can’t speak doesn’t mean you can’t communicate

By Cassy Davis | May 6, 2018

One way to teach early learners or non-vocal children to communication is the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS).  PECS is a research based approach that teaches early functional communication through the use of exchanging pictures for something a child wants. PECS should be taught using a 6 step system. Phase 1: Teaching the child how…

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