How did we get started?

Turning Point Autism Centers was founded by Erica Kinnebrew, BCBA in Annapolis, Maryland in 2012. Beginning as a small company, providing ABA therapy to just a handful of clients, Turning Point now has ABA clinics in Severna Park, Crofton, Annapolis, Upper Marlboro, Odenton, and Frederick.

As our company has grown, our goal remains the same: to provide the most effective behavior analytic therapy for children on the autism spectrum in a joyful, respectful, caring, and playful environment. We have purposefully created environments to capture opportunities for all children to learn and grow, providing a foundation that allows us to provide more effective ABA therapy where we can most efficiently address the needs of children with autism. 

“Choose a job you love, and you will never work a day in your life.” It may sound cliché but walk into a Turning Point clinic and you will know that none of us are working! We love what we do. We respect and care for our clients, their families, and each other. We find joy in every accomplishment as we play right alongside your child! 

Our Mission

To provide the most effective behavior analytic services for the children and families we serve in a joyful, respectful, caring, and playful environment.

Meet the Team

Erica Kinnebrew head shot picture

Erica Kinnebrew, BCBA | CEO

Erica Kinnebrew is a Behavior Analyst who has worked with children with special needs since graduating with her Bachelors in 2000. She has worked in private clinics, consulted with school districts and taught in the classroom. She has worked with children ranging in ages from 1 1/2 years old to college age.

Erica has a Master's of Science from Florida State University in Emotional Disturbances and Learning Disabilities with a graduate certificate in Behavior Analysis from the Florida Institute of Technology. She is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and licensed in Maryland.

She is inspired by the amazingness of these kids who don't "fit society's mold." Her desire is to be a part of the change that helps children in general reach their full potential. She and her family are excited to call Orlando, FL home after years of moving all over the country with the Army.

Annika Davis of Turning Point

Annika Davis, BCBA | Director of Operations

Annika has been working with Turning Point since January 2014 as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. She received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Clemson University in 2009. In 2011, Annika earned her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Denver. She became interested in focusing on working with children with autism and began coursework through the Florida Institute of Technology to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Her experience includes working with individuals with autism spectrum disorders and other special needs in home, clinic, and community settings. Annika's interests in the field of behavior analysis include early intervention, verbal behavior and problem behavior reduction in children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Tricia Fare of Turning Point

Tricia Fare, BCBA | Director of Clinical Operations

Tricia is the first employee with Turning Point, progressing in the field from technician to assistant behavior analyst, to Board Certified Behavior Analyst in her time with us. She has a bachelor's degree in elementary education from Towson University, earned a graduate certificate in applied behavior analysis from Florida Institute of Technology while working towards BCaBA certification, and has since earned a Master's degree in special education with an applied behavior analysis concentration from the University of North Dakota while obtaining BCBA certification. Tricia's experience includes providing ABA services in the home, clinic, and community with children as young as 2 through 15 years old. Tricia's interests in the field of ABA include early intervention, staff and parent training, and disseminating information about the field to the community at large. 

Destinee Martz of Turning Point

Destinee Martz, BCBA | Clinic Director - Upper Marlboro

Destinee Martz has worked with children on the autism spectrum since 2012. She earned her Bachelor's and Master's degree from West Virginia University with a focus in Applied Behavior Analysis. While completing her Bachelor's and Master's Degree she worked primarily in a clinic setting providing ABA services.In addition to working at a clinic, she worked in the home and in a public school using ABA techniques. Destinee earned her BCBA certification in November of 2016. She has experience with social skills, program development, staff and parent training, and assessments. Destinee has always loved working with children, and loves watching them learn and become more independent with their skills!

Kaitlin Watson of Turning Point

Kaitlin Watson, BCBA | Clinic Director - Annapolis

Kaitlin Balka has a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from James Madison University where she concentrated in Applied Behavior Analysis. She moved to Baltimore in 2010 when she began working at Kennedy Krieger Institute’s Neurobehavioral Inpatient Unit (NBU) for children and young adults with developmental disabilities who exhibit severe problem behavior. She simultaneously completed her Master’s degree in ABA from University of Maryland-Baltimore County and received her BCBA certification in January 2013. Additionally, Kaitlin has worked as a behavior analyst in a non-public school for children with developmental disabilities and as a behavior analyst for in-home programs. Kaitlin’s experiences in the field of ABA include functional assessment, research, program development, social skills, parent and staff training, and data collection and analysis. Kaitlin loves working with a diverse range of clients and watching them learn and grow.

Cassy Davis of Turning Point

Cassandra Davis, BCBA | Clinic Director - Crofton

Cassy holds a Master’s degree in Elementary Education and Special Education from Goucher College. While working on her Master’s degree she became interested in working with children diagnosed with Autism and began course work in Applied Behavior Analysis through Florida Institute of Technology. In 2017, Cassy obtained certification as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Cassy has worked with children from infants to elementary school aged children, in the clinic setting, day care setting, school setting, and home setting. She enjoys early intervention, problem behavior reduction and watching her clients work towards becoming more independent.

Kate Reis of Turning Point

Kate Reis, BCBA | Clinic Director - Severna Park

Kate began working with individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities in 2009 and started her focus on working with children with Autism during her Masters degree program.  Kate holds a Master’s degree in Special Education and a Post-Master’s Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis from Johns Hopkins University. After becoming a Board Certified Behavior Analyst in 2016, Kate has worked with children aged 2-13 in the home, school, daycare and clinical settings.  Kate specializes in early intervention, behavior reduction, and assessment procedures.  Kate loves working with children and loves watching them grow and learn.

Brittney Mabry of Turning Point

Brittney Mabry, BCBA | Upper Marlboro Clinic

Brittney began her work in the field of child development in 2009, serving young learners of various ages and backgrounds in mentorship programs, public schools, and Navy/Army Child Development Centers. She holds a B.S. in Human Development and Family Studies with a concentration in Early Childhood Education and Development from the University of Alabama, and a M. Ed in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis from Arizona State University. Brittney began providing ABA services to children with Autism after joining the Turning Point team in the Fall of 2015. Her interests and experience include verbal behavior, early intervention, behavior assessment, program development and analysis, and caregiver training. Brittney has a sincere passion for serving children and families with special needs. She finds great joy in watching children make progress and helping children and families reach their behavioral goals.

Jen Richardson of Turning Point

Jenny Richardson, BCBA | Crofton & Severna Park Clinics

Jenny began her career a special education teacher with an emphasis in autism spectrum disorders for 10 years before becoming a behavior analyst.  As a BCBA, she has worked in the clinic, home, and school settings and enjoys seeing children generalize skills across multiple settings.   Jenny is passionate about verbal behavior and natural environment teaching.   She completed her coursework through the Florida Institute of Technology to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and is a Maryland Licensed Behavior Analyst.  Jenny is excited to see children and young adults grow in communication, social skills, and independence every day!

Justine Lee of Turning Point

Justine Lee, BCBA | Crofton Clinic

Justine Lee is a Licensed, Board Certified Behavior Analyst, specializing in treating clients with Autism Spectrum Disorder. She has provided clinical ABA services since 2015 in home, educational, and clinical environments.  Justine was awarded a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Maryland, University College, a Master of Arts in Applied Behavior Analysis from Ball State University, and holds a certificate in Autism.  Her passion is in early childhood intervention and she has worked with children ranging from ages 2 to 10. Justine’s best-loved aspect of her profession is observing a client transform by gaining independence, and acquiring crucial life skills.  In her spare time Justine enjoys spending time with her 4 year old daughter, husband, and two dogs.

Emily Mata of Turning Point

Emily Mata, BCBA | Annapolis Clinic

Emily Mata received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Boston College and a Master’s of Education degree in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysts from Arizona State University. She has been working with individuals on the autism spectrum since 2015, starting as a Special Education Assistant in a private school in Annapolis, MD. Emily discovered her love of Applied Behavior Analysis working with children one-on-one in the school system and part-time with Turning Point. Emily transitioned to working full-time at Turning Point in 2016. She obtained her certification as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst in 2018 and has worked with children from ages 3-11 in the clinical and school settings. Emily’s interests include early intervention, verbal behavior, social skills training and collaborating with teachers. Emily feels very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with children, help them grow and succeed and to work with the supportive team of professionals at Turning Point!

Alison Clark of Turning Point

Alison Clark | Clinic Director | Frederick Clinic

Alison has worked with children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders since 2009.  She holds a Bachelor's degree in psychology from West Virginia University. In 2010, she moved to Baltimore to pursue her Master's degree in ABA from University of Maryland, Baltimore County, while simultaneously working at Kennedy Krieger Institute's Neurobehavioral Inpatient Unit. Alison received her BCBA certification in 2013 and is a Licensed Behavior Analyst in the state of Maryland. Additionally, she has provided behavior analytic services to individuals in school- and home-based settings. Alison is experienced in providing assessment and treatment of severe problem behavior, evidence-based instructional practices, program development, social skills instruction, and staff and parent training. She is excited about seeing her clients progress and gain independence.

Ann Marie-Nartaro of Turning Point

Ann-Marie Nataro | Clinic Director | Odenton Clinic

Ann-Marie began her career as a special education teacher in Massachusetts with an emphasis in autism spectrum disorder. After moving to Maryland, she worked at a DC Public Charter School as a special education teacher before becoming a BCBA in January of 2013.  Ann-Marie worked part-time as a BCBA at Turning Point for several years before becoming the clinic director at the Odenton location. She has many years of experience working with children teaching adaptive skills, communication skills and maladaptive behavior reduction. She loves watching the children she works with increase communication and develop skills to become more independent

Jennifer of Turning Point

Jennifer Springer, MSc., BCBA, LBA | Upper Marlboro Clinic

Jenn received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Special Education from Loyola University Maryland and a Master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from the University of Kent. Jenn has been working in the field of ABA since 2015 and became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst in 2017. She has experience working in a clinic setting, home setting and school setting with individuals on the autism spectrum from ages 2 through high school. Jenn’s interests include early intervention, verbal behavior, behavior reduction and natural environment teaching. Jenn loves seeing the kids grow and learn, while helping to best prepare them for their next adventures.

Jonathan of Turning Point

Jonathan Lewis | Operations Coordinator | Odenton Clinic

Jonathan has been working with Turning Point since August 2019 as an Operations Coordinator. He is currently pursuing his studies in Business Management with a concentration in Organizational Leadership and Management. Jonathan has been working in the autism field for close to seven years. He has a passion for individuals on the autism spectrum and helping those reach their full potential. Jonathan counts it a privilege to grow within the operations department and to work with the supportive team of professionals at Turning Point

Kelly Renolds of Turning Point

Kelly Reynolds, BCBA | Upper Marlboro Clinic

Kelly earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Maryland, College Park and her Master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis with an emphasis in Autism from Ball State University. While living in South Carolina, she began her career in ABA working with in-home clients as an RBT. After moving to Florida, she continued working as an RBT in a clinic setting where she also became the Training and Development Specialist and completed her training to become a BCBA. Kelly started with Turning Point in the summer of 2019. She is passionate about verbal behavior, reducing challenging behavior, and data analysis. She loves seeing her clients grow towards independence every day.

Kim Billings of Turning Point

Kim Billings, BCaBA | Odenton Clinic

Kim earned her Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from Texas A&M University. Her interest in Applied Behavior Analysis began in 2015 when she attended the University of South Florida course work in ABA. She has been working with children with autism spectrum disorder and intellectual disabilities since 2017. She is currently enrolled in a graduate program at the University of South Florida with an expected graduation date of December 2019 with a MA in Applied Behavior Analysis. Her experience includes children ages 2 to 13 in the home, clinical, and community settings. Her passion lays with early childhood intervention in verbal behavior and natural environmental teaching. Kim enjoys supporting families and seeing children grow more independent and learn through play.

Michelle Goodrich of Turning Point

Michelle Goodrich, BCBA | Severna Park Clinic

Michelle began her career in ABA working in the home setting, while obtaining her undergraduate degree in Psychology. She worked in the school setting prior to obtaining her Master’s degree in Development Disabilities with a concentration in ABA from Nova Southeastern University. She became a BCBA in 2018. Michelle previously worked in an early intervention clinic with a focus on verbal behavior. Michelle enjoys working with families to promote the utilization of ABA techniques in the home and community setting. Michelle is so excited to join the Turning Point team!

Ruha of Turning Point

Ruha Abate | Operations Coordinator | Severna Park Clinic

Ruha began her career as a Registered Behavioral Technician and has since joined the Turning Point team as the Operations Manager. She started working in the ABA field January of 2019 where she excelled working one-on-one with children on the spectrum. She worked with children ages 2 to 18 in clinical, community and home environments helping them master their social skills and foster independence. As a manager with an RBT background, Ruha utilizes her insight and shares firsthand how ABA helps children develop positive and meaningful changes in their behavior. She is the first point of contact when families start the intake process and her experience helps make the transition seamless. She loves being able to watch the kids grow and become more independent every day.

Sarah Fulginiti Turning Point

Sarah Fulginiti | Operations Coordinator | Upper Marlboro Clinic

Sarah received her Bachelor of Science from Towson University in 2014 as a double major in Psychology, and Sociology and Anthropology with a focus in Criminal Justice. Sarah began working at Turning Point in 2018 as a Registered Behavior Technician. In the fall of 2019, Sarah transitioned to her current role as Operations Coordinator of Turning Point’s Upper Marlboro clinic. Sarah has loved watching all the progression from children and their families, to staff and the clinics themselves throughout her time at Turning Point. Her favorite part of her role as Operations Coordinator is interacting with parents and staff to help create a positive and fun atmosphere for families and the clinical team.

Shannon Conwell of Turning Point

Shannon Conwell | Operations Coordinator | Annapolis Clinic

Shannon Conwell graduated from Anne Arundel Community College where she received her Associate’s Degree in General Studies in 2007. She also attended Towson University followed by Walden University where she graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science in 2014. She is an Operations Coordinator with 10 years of experience in administration and she currently oversees the daily functions of the Annapolis location. Her revolving knowledge of this field has allowed her to wear a variety of hats to get the tasks at hand completed, including fostering good working relationships with vendors and service providers, remaining on budget, as well as keeping organization throughout the clinic to ensure logistical needs are met.

When Shannon is finally able to take off her many hats, she enjoys family time and being outdoors. Nothing beats a beautiful view and family to share it with.

Olivia, the HR Generalist of TPES

Olivia Bonhom | HR Generalist

Olivia Bonham has been working with Turning Point since July 2019 as an HR Generalist. A Maryland native, she brings more than 8 years of human resources experience to the Turning Point team. Olivia enjoys the challenges of supporting our growing organization as we continue to expand. She completed her associate degree in Business Administration in 2016 at Chesapeake College and is currently pursing completion of her bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management at the University of Maryland Global Campus. Olivia is also a proud member of the Society for Human Resource Management.

In her spare time she loves to spend time with family and friends, play pet photographer with her adorable cats, and is an avid reader.

Elizabeth, the HR Coordinator of TPES

Elizabeth Fare | HR Coordinator

Elizabeth Fare, our HR Coordinator, has been working with Turning Point Autism Centers since October of 2018. She graduated with honors from Salisbury University in May of 2018 where she earned her degree in Public Relations and Business Administration. After graduation, she joined the Turning Point team in a part-time administrative position and later moved into the HR Coordinator role. She enjoys guiding new hires through their onboarding and training processes and is happy to work in a supportive role for Turning Point to help services run smoothly!

Join Our Team

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