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How did we get started?

Turning Point Autism Centers was founded by Erica Kinnebrew, BCBA in Annapolis, Maryland in 2012. Beginning as a small company, providing ABA therapy to just a handful of clients, Turning Point now has ABA clinics in Severna Park, Crofton, Annapolis, Upper Marlboro, Odenton, Frederick and Lanham.

As our company has grown, our goal remains the same: to provide the most effective behavior analytic therapy for children on the autism spectrum in a joyful, respectful, caring, and playful environment. We have purposefully created environments to capture opportunities for all children to learn and grow, providing a foundation that allows us to provide more effective ABA therapy where we can most efficiently address the needs of children with autism. 

“Choose a job you love, and you will never work a day in your life.” It may sound cliché but walk into a Turning Point clinic and you will know that none of us are working! We love what we do. We respect and care for our clients, their families, and each other. We find joy in every accomplishment as we play right alongside your child! 

Our Mission

To provide the most effective behavior analytic services for the children and families we serve in a joyful, respectful, caring, and playful environment.

Meet The Team

Erica Headshot Turning Point

Erica Kinnebrew, BCBA | CEO

Annika Headshot Turning Point

Annika Davis, BCBA | Director
of Operations

Tricia Headshot Turning Point

Tricia Fare, BCBA | Director of
Clinical Operations

Annapolis Clinic

kaitlin Headshot Turning Point

Kaitlin Watson, BCBA | Clinic Director | Annapolis Clinic

Kaitlin has a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from James Madison University and a Master’s degree in ABA from University of Maryland Baltimore County. She has experience with functional assessment, program development, social skills, parent and staff training

Emily Headshot Turning Point

Emily Mata, BCBA

Jennifer Headshot Turning Point

Jennifer Chase, BCBA

Shannon Headshot Turning Point

Shannon Cronwell

Upper Marlboro Clinic

Destinee Headshot Turning Point

Destinee Martz, BCBA | Clinic Director | Upper Marlboro Clinic

Destinee earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from West Virginia University with a focus in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). She has experience with social skills, program development, staff and parent training, and assessments.

Brittney Headshot Turning Point

Brittney Mabry, BCBA

Kelly headshot Turning Point

Kelly Reynolds, BCBA 

Sarah Headshot Turning Point

Sarah Fulgini

Severna Park Clinic

Kate Headshot Turning Point

Kate Reis, BCBA | Clinic Director | Severna Park Clinic

Kate holds a Master’s degree in Special Education and a Post Master’s Certificate in ABA from Johns Hopkins University. She specializes in early intervention, behavior reduction, and assessment procedures.

Michelle Headshot Turning Point

Michelle Goodrich, BCBA

Lauren Dalnekoff

Lauren Dalnekoff, BCBA

Ruha Headshot Turning Point

Ruha Abate

Crofton Clinic

Cassy Headshot Turning Point

Cassandra Davis, BCBA | Clinic Director | Crofton Clinic

Cassy holds a Master’s degree in Elementary Education and Special Education from Goucher College. She enjoys early intervention, problem behavior reduction and watching her clients work towards becoming more independent.

justine Headshot Turning Point

Justine Lee, BCBA

Melissa Olgesby Headshot Turning Point

Melissa Olgesby

Frederick Clinic

Alison Headshot Turning Point

Alison Clark, BCBA | Clinic Director | Frederick Clinic

Alison has worked with children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders since 2009. She holds a Bachelor's degree in psychology from West Virginia University. In 2010, she moved to Baltimore to pursue her Master's degree in ABA from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

Genelle Robillard Headshot

Genelle Robillard

Odenton Clinic

Ann-Marie Headshot Turning Point

Ann-Marie Nataro, BCBA | Clinic Director | Odenton Clinic

Ann-Marie began her career as a special education teacher in Massachusetts with an emphasis in autism spectrum disorder. After moving to Maryland, she worked at a DC Public Charter School as a special education teacher before becoming a BCBA in January of 2013.

Kim Headshot Turning Point

Kim Billings, BCBA

headshot, Odenton Clinic, Turning Point

Madeleine Emanuel, BCBA

Jonathan Headshot Turning Point

Jonathan Lewis


Jenny Headshot Turning Point

Jen Richardson, BCBA | Clinic Director | Lanham Clinic

Jen began her career a special education teacher with an emphasis in autism spectrum disorders for 10 years before becoming a behavior analyst.  As a BCBA, she has worked in the clinic, home, and school settings and enjoys seeing children generalize skills across multiple settings.  Jen is passionate about verbal behavior and natural environment teaching.

Destiny headshot, Lanham Clinic, Turning Point

Destiny Simon

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